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Hikone Bayashi Traditional Dance Festival

This dance festival is the climax of summer in Hikone. During the festivities, several thousand residents will dance and parade along Hikone's shopping street to "Hikone bayashi," a newer folk song composed in 1960. In recent years, participating dance groups have come with even more extravagant costumes, adding to the popularity of the event.
  • Scene 1

    The "Hikone Castle Ambassadors" will also make an appearance.

  • Scene 2

    The parade route is thronged with onlookers. On the day of this festival, the shopping street isn't just for shopping anymore!

  • Scene 3

    Participating dance groups include local residents, businesses, and even some from city hall. The festival is held in a competition style, and a variety of prizes will be awarded to winners.

August 10th (Planned)
Shopping street/s in town