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Hikone Castle Nighttiime Festivities

Though Hikone Castle is usually closed in the evening, during these special festivities (known as "yagaku"), visitors are welcomed to enjoy the castle grounds at night.
  • Scene 1

    The highlight of this event is definitely seeing the castle keep all alight from up close, where the surface of its whitewashed walls shines a stark white.

  • Scene 2

    With a call of "Open the gate!" you'll be met with a group of figures clad in a red disguise from olden times.

  • Scene 3

    It's possible to see Hikone Castle this close at night only once or twice a year. Visitors aren't allowed into the keep, but from the observation platform, you'll be able to see a nightscape of the entire City of Hikone.

Planned for Mid-October
Hikone Castle Area