Hikone is located at the crossroads of the Nakasendo and Chosenjin Kaido roads, used for centuries for trade and the travel of warlords.
Today, however, the city is just as easily accessible by train from major cities within Japan.

From Tokyo

Tokyo Stationby shinkansen 2hrs 10minMaibara Stationby train5minHikone Station

From Nagoya

Nagoya Stationby shinkansen47minMaibara Stationby train5minHikone Station

From Kyoto

Kyoto Stationby shinkansen30minby train47minHikone Station

From Osaka

Osaka Stationby shinkansen1hrs 17minby train1hrs 30minHikone Station

From Kanazawa

Kanazawa Stationby shinkansen2hrs 44minHikone Station

From Fukuoka

Hakata Stationby shinkansen 2hrs 44minKyoto Stationtrain47minHikone Station