Ryotei Ryokan Inn Yasui

Located close to the 400 year-old National Treasure, Hikone Castle, Ryotei Ryokan Inn Yasui awaits your visit with a hospitality that treasures the essence of Japanese tradition. From the elegant experience of staying in one of our nine rooms, each with a garden in a different style; to our outdoor baths, from which you can enjoy the changing tone of the seasons. Also savor the rich flavors of Shiga's lake country ...Leave yourself in our care, as you settle in for a stay in which time passes slowly and blissfully.

13-26 Yasukiyo-cho, Hikone City, Shiga Prefecture 522-0082
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  • Bath
  • "Irori" Guest Room
  • "Ehou" Guest Room
  • "Fukki" Guest Room