Ichishiro Kiln: Koto-yaki Pottery-Making Experience

Koto-yaki pottery was first made in kilns operated by Hikone Domain itself, during the closing years of the Edo period shogunate rule (1603-1868). Since that time, the famous kiln fell into disuse, until recently, when a local potter, Ichishiro Nakagawa, took it upon himself to restore it, and created a workshop here at Ichishiro Kiln.
Painting delicate images on the blue-ish, unglazed clay, we take care to perfect each step of the process of making koto-yaki pottery. Ichishiro Kiln also displays various clay plates and other items made with Hikone clay. Please feel free to make a visit to our studio.

1-6-22 Honmachi, Hikone City, Shiga Prefecture 522-0064
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