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Nakamura Merchant Family Home Museum

The Nakamuras were a merchant family who lived according to Shin-Buddhist belief.
During the Kan'ei Era (1628-1647), almost the same period as the completion of Hikone Castle in 1622, the Nakamuras received an allotment of this very land, to which they moved from their original home, built a home, and established a sake distillery. Since then, the Nakamuras count twenty generations to their current head of family. It is said that the founder of the Nakamura family was issued a 50 cm tall wooden buddhist image from Kyoto's Nishihongan-ji Temple during the Enpo years (beginning in 1672) of the Edo Period, and that this statue became an object of worship in their home.
The Nakamura home deteriorated over the years, and also suffered damage during the North-Eastern Lake Biwa Earthquake of 1909, so it was given a major rennovation the following year, in 1910, preserving much of its pre-rennovation, Edo Period form. The building is open and on display to the public only during limited times.

3-23 Asahi-machi, Hikone City, Shiga Prefecture 522-0073
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