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Light-up of Autumnal Foliage at Genkyu-en Gardens

The Ii samurai family were ruled over what was once known as Hikone Domain, and their gardens here at Genkyu-en, complete with pond and paths, exemplify the greatest extravagance of Edo period (1603-1868) culture. Each part of the garden has a different name--"Mount Horai," "Musashino Field," "Gyoyakusho Pond"--and when the trees in each make themselves up in red and yellow, reflected in the glassy surface of the water below, one's breath is truly taken away. The beauty shown here completely draws in the viewer. For a moment on an autumn night, we invite you to come see the radiance of this uniquely Hikone scene.
  • Scene 1

    Especially on days with no wind, when the water is undisturbed by waves, the colors reflect distinctly on the surface, making for some of the best viewing.

  • Scene 2

    Here, too, the trees appear to reflect as if in a mirror. Please make your visit on a day with no wind.

  • Scene 3

    See Hikone Castle lit up from the "Musashino" area at the garden's farthest edge .

Mid-Late November
Genkyu-en Garden