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Seven Curves Buddhist Altar Street

A street known as Hikone Road runs from Hikone's Takamiya-juku rest station along the old trade road, the Nakasendo Way, and on to Hikone Castle. Along a portion of this road near the Seri River, the road contains a number of twists and curves, earning it the name "Seven Curves." Nowadays, this portion of the street is home to many artisans of Hikone's traditional Buddhist altar-making craft.
Each part of Hikone's buddhist altars is handmade by one of seven artisans: the wood-carvers of the base, the altar itself, , the engraver, the lacquer worker, the gold-leaf artist, maki-e artists using gold and silver powder on lacquer, and artisans who set the altar's decorative metal fittings.
Seven Curves Street, true to its name, ties together the trade route of the Nakasendo, and the castle town of Hikone. The history of Hikone's buddhist altars is preserved here along this winding street.

Serinaka-machi, Hikone City, Shiga Prefecture 522-0031