Tsurukian: Local Ibuki Soba Noodles

During the Edo Period (1603-1868), the castle lord of Hikone Domain held a post of great importance to the shogun in Edo (now Tokyo), and would make his appearances at Edo Castle from his residence in Setagaya, Tokyo. During this period, the castle lord would have sliced "Ibuki" soba noodles sent to him from Hikone all the way to his residence in Setagaya. It appears that his love of the soba noodles, and his enthusiastic reports of their marvelous flavor were quite famous. When the lord presented a gift to the shogunate house of Tokugawa, among the items listed in his gift were "Ibuki soba noodles," earning the soba the nickname of "kenjo hinmoku" (literally, "presented gift") that remains to this day.

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  • Chilled soba
    Made with 100% ibuki soba (buckwheat), which is native to the Hikone area.
    Fully enjoy the ibuki soba flavor with these "ni-hachi" soba noodles, which contain a small amount of udon noodle flour.
    810 yen (Tax incl.)
  • Soba noodles with grated radish
    Enjoy the remarkable compatibility of the flavors of soba and spicy daikon.
    Delicious and refreshing, the combination further brings out the flavor of the soba.
    918 yen (Tax incl.)
  • Soba noodles with tempura
    Enjoy your soba noodles together with our chef's best and carefully fried tempura.
    1,350 yen (Tax incl.)
  • Armored Soba (Three layers)
    Enjoy your soba with the flavors of different toppings. This dish is prepared in three layers, reminiscient of the red lacquer "aka-sonae" armor of the Ii samurai of Hikone. 1,026 yen (Tax incl.)
  • Soba with hot broth (Kakesoba)
    Made with our prized broth and specially-made "kaeshi" flavoring. Scallions and yuzu peel bring together perfectly the flavors of the rainy season in Japan. 810 yen (Tax incl.)
  • Tempura Rice Bowl (With red soup stock and pickled vegetables)
    Includes two pieces of shrimp tempura and vegetable tempura, served with our specially-made sauce. This tempura rice bowl is the pride of our restaurant. 1,350 yen (Tax incl.)